Partnership Programs

Charvikent's Health Innovation Partnership and Mature Product Partnership accelerate the product development cycle for organizations at all stages of growth, from recently funded startups to Fortune 500 companies. Both programs are the result of years of development experience, working with countless organizations at all stages of growth. Our pricing and partnership models are flexible, meeting each partner's specific IT needs and enabling them to scale effectively.


Early-stage organizations that need to adapt to rapidly changing requirements but lack the resources necessary to scale quickly can see major benefits from our Health Innovation Partnership. Our diverse team gives you an edge over well-established organizations and their in-house labs, where specialized resources are often needed in areas that are not their organizations' core competencies.

Having been a startup ourselves at one point, we enjoy working with entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality. Our R&D Center has always been based in Silicon Valley, allowing us to partner with the smartest entrepreneurs, incubators, and accelerators to tackle the challenges faced by emerging Healthcare companies today. Our Partnership enables our customers to focus on what is critical to them in their early stage by leveraging our skills on their behalf.

Highlights include:

Extended Engineering Team – Charvikent acts as a startup’s technology arm–our product engineers become a seamless extension to a startup’s business team and founders. Our engineers are domain experts in technical architecture, UI, UX, solution architecture (web, Cloud, Mobile, analytics, social, testing automation, content services) capable of optimizing the entire software engineering lifecycle.

Whiteboard to Prototype – Charvikent helps startups convert ideas into actual products. From our experience working with so many startups, we’ve designed a methodology that captures ideas quickly and creates a prototype that can then be finalized quickly with collaborative editing.

Prototype to Market – We empower our customers’ teams to take full ownership of each product release–right from requirements, design, development, integration, testing, go-live, periodic refactoring, end customer engagement and support.

On-Time Releases – We know the timely release of product versions to the market is critical to meeting market trends and foiling your competitors’ strategy. Our experts work with you to ensure continuous integration and effective release management while maintaining a high quality standard throughout.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Automation Tools for Cloud and Mobile: Charvikent's teams minimize testing time while maintaining testing quality. Our deep experience in testing has led us to develop proprietary QA Automation frameworks based on open source platforms like Selenium, Cucumber and Calabash for both Cloud and Mobile.

Documentation and Collaborative Editing – Charvikent recognizes that accurate and up-to-date product documentation can be a big challenge for startups. Changes to requirements cascade to test case and test data changes, all of which must be recorded and reviewed. We capture all these critical details throughout the product lifecycle without dramatically increasing overhead.


Our Mature Product Partnership caters to more established organizations that may have already attained a certain level of success, but now find their technology needs are outgrowing their in-house resources. Charvikent knows that many well-established Healthcare organizations are finding it difficult to keep pace with the need for quality technology resources. Yet this is the only way to fend off competition and maintain product differentiation in this fast moving market.

Charvikent's teams are ready to share their knowledge and seamlessly bond with your existing development personnel to address your specific needs. Our experienced teams are skilled at all levels of the development process and will bring a surge of fresh energy to your efforts while maximizing your product lifecycle.


New Feature Development – Add life to your existing products and applications by teaming with Charvikent to devise and create a suite of enhancements and features that will bolster your profile once more.

Bug Fixing – Charvikent's testing and QA teams can effectively eliminate pesky, ongoing problems that have hindered the success of your existing products. We work collaboratively with your in-house teams to identify and solve longstanding issues.

Patch Releases – Once problems are dealt with, patches must be created to seamlessly integrate with older versions of applications. Charvikent's engineers will work to create comprehensive, secure updates that improve the user experience for your products.

Code Refactoring – Let our teams work with you to restructure your existing product code, and see the benefits of easier maintainability with a more expressive internal architecture. Changing the factoring makes your products more sustainable for future updates while keeping the user-side running smoothly.

QA Automation – Charvikent's automated testing framework is the best way to increase effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your product testing. Automated testing gives conclusive pass/fail results in much less time than manual testing, saving your time and money.