Prodct Development

Charvikent helps clients accelerate product development and time-to-market with high-quality and innovative solutions.

At Charvikent, we pride ourselves on serving all our customers, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. We provide End-to-End product engineering services across all stages of the product lifecycle from product design and development to integration and upgrades. Our unique development methodology enables rapid development and release of products, accelerating time-to-market while keeping development costs to a minimum. With a commitment to delivering true quality, our development processes are tuned to ensure excellence from the beginning of each engagement, resulting in a modern user interface, compliance to development standards and predictable outcomes.


Our wide range of technology expertise has made us a true one-stop provider for a full array of product development needs. We have expertise in all major technology platforms, having created our own independent testing services division to validate our deliverables prior to customer delivery. Our professional engineering staff has expertise in a range of programming languages, including but not limited to Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Objective C, Swift, Node JS and JavaScript. We develop on all major platforms including Microsoft, Java, Open Source, SQL and NoSQLdatabases, Mobile and Cloud Computing. To stay ahead of the technology curve, we are active participants in industry conferences, panel discussions and Internet standards committees.


We partner with you throughout the entire Software Life Cycle to ensure our practices and outcomes are aligned with yours. We listen to your business goals and vision and determine the technical feasibility of proposed concepts. We'll create a product roadmap that defines frequent, iterative product releases so that you can obtain early market validation of your product strategy. With a focus on quality and timely deliverables, we assign experienced project managers to every engagement to ensure optimal communication and project measurement. We have expertise in a range of software development methodologies and can adapt to your preferred style.


Every organization strives to deliver a better customer experience and can be provided by taking accelerated time to market, consistently improving the quality of deployments, continuous increase in operational efficiency etc. This can be achieved by having better participation among development & operations team through the entire service lifecycle, starting from design phase through the development process to production support.

For example – Automation and standardization of efforts like infrastructure deployment.

DevOps simply extends Agile principles beyond boundaries of “the code” to entire “delivered service”. It is essentially an operational approach which changes how organizations should think about developing and deploying applications and get more time to focus on their core business goals.

It helps in scaling the operations at ease in an increasingly Service-oriented world. Charvikent specializes in DevOps, continuous delivery, build and release management.


Sustained maintenance is a cost-intensive, yet crucial step in the long-term viability of an information system. Charvikent provides complete support for your product at a lower cost than maintaining in-house. We apply our proprietary Product, Support and Maintenance Lifecycle (PSML) model to ensure quality performance and uptime, routine bug fixes and requested enhancements. Not having to worry about product support and maintenance allows you to apply your resources where it matters most -- in new product development or other strategic initiatives.

Our outsourced PSML model offers many benefits including :

- Dedicated team of engineers for your products
- Reduced operating costs by 20%
- Improved product availability with near-zero downtime
- High quality product with low defect leakages
- 100% regression and Sanity/Smoke testing coverage using our proprietary automation frameworks
- Seamless transition approach ensuring service continuity and minimal business impact
- Real-time reporting and analytics offering 100% transparency