Software Services

Charvikent was founded by IT Professionals with decades of experience in the IT Industry. Our founders have experience across the globe and have worked with the best companies in the world including the Top4 consulting firms.Charvikent was founded with an intention to map the client requirements with the availability of resources and optimize the cost of the services with high quality. Each client has their own requirements and would like to have resources available to them in their own model. Hence we provide a variety of services to our clients which can be customized according to the needs of the client.

We undertake our own projects and execute the projects from End-to-End cycle including Project Management, Technical Management, Implementations and Development. We succeed in our projects by utilizing highly experienced and motivated resources and hence also deliver in short time frames.

We also offer shared services in which clients pay for our consultants only when they have any work to do. This way if client has only 40 Hours of work in a month to be done, we would bill the client for 40 hours only and hence saves lot of money for the client. We also provide our consultants within a short lead time.

Low Billing and high quality are our strengths. Contact us for further information.

Design Development

When thinking about design, we consider the full spectrum of possibilities that the internet presents. Our designers push the limits of human interaction and imagination to create amazing user experiences. We understand that user interaction on Smartphone is vastly different from web and believe that UI contributes to great UX.

We follow holistic approach to software designing with phases such as, ‘Discovery and Research’, ‘Interaction Design’, ‘Visual Design’ with Wireframes, Prototype, Style guides and ‘Engineering’ with End-to-End testing making sure our services are not just market ready but also future proof.

Our professional engineering staff has expertise in a range of programming languages, including but not limited to Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Objective C, Swift, Node JS and JavaScript. We develop on all major platforms including Microsoft, Java, Open Source, SQL and NoSQL databases, Mobile and Cloud Computing. We listen to your business goals, vision and determine the technical feasibility of the proposed concepts. We partner with you throughout the entire Software Life Cycle to ensure our practices and outcomes are aligned with yours.


Products, services and customers no longer live in isolation. The need for obtaining a 360-degree view of businesses through a unified lens is driving enterprise integration like never before. Whether an integration project involves APIs, web services, data/ETL or platform integration, Charvikent approaches development the same way every time – by making our client’s desired outcome the number one objective. Utilizing our deep talent pool in technology, operations and business, we assemble a cross-functional, international team that works around-the-clock to complete project deliverables on time and within budget. We emphasize detailed execution plans, continuous communication and iterative reviews to remain in- sync with clients at all times and successfully deliver on our commitments.

We have over 10 years of Integration expertise in the following areas:

Application - As your business grows, the need to integrate your organization’s IT systems becomes paramount. Systems must be made compatible so that they can effectively “talk” to each other. We work within your operating environment to avoid further capital investments. Programming to your existing applications' interfaces, we map and transform data across applications to get the most out of your investments.

Data - ETL is short for extract, transform, and load -three database functions that are combined into one tool to pull data out of one database and place it into another database. At Charvikent, we work with many ETL tools including - Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Pentaho Data Integration.

Content - We integrate your data from various sources (ERP, CRM, SCM, ECM etc.) into a single, readily usable, fully monitored feed that can be easily integrated with a digital content management system or application. With Charvikent content integration services, our clients are able to obtain a unified view of their business to improve data driven decision-making.


Legacy applications might present your business difficulty while integrating with the latest system and in turn hinder your market reach due to incompatibility between hardware and software. Our comprehensive framework powered by HTML5, JavaScript, MVC and CSS3, built on the experience delivering solutions to various industry segments, ensures that your functionality and UI/UX are migrated seamlessly to reach optimum number of users.

Mentioned below are a few solutions that help you achieve just that


E-learning, Training, Healthcare and Media organizations as well as countless marketing departments have huge repositories of Interactive Flash content that had traditionally been consumed on desktops. With the rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets, these enterprises are seeing their existing content potentially becoming obsolete because popular mobile platforms do not support Interactive Flash.

While new content can be developed for these popular platforms, ground-up redevelopment of existing Interactive Flash content for mobile devices is simply not an option for most enterprises. Charvikent recognizes that the real solution is a high-quality yet rapid solution for transforming this legacy Interactive Flash content to HTML5.

Ready to deploy HTML 5 frameworks such as KineticJS, EaselJS to enable faster development and deployment of applications to multiple platforms suited for e-learning, healthcare etc. Our Flash to HTML5 framework enables us to accelerate speed-to-market for the converted HTML5 content while preserving the richness of the original Flash imagery.


     - Every solution has a pertinent problem that every developer is trying to solve. Here are few of the reasons why you might want to convert your application from ASPX to MVC and why conversion is tricky:

     - A complicated view based architecture for an action based requirement

     - Harder to adapt to various UI views despite the various frameworks available (Master Pages, Themes etc.)

     - Legacy ASPX applications are difficult to maintain and upgrade of these applications as per the market requirements is difficult

     - Converting from scratch involves high investment

     - Difficult to find quality resources to work on your legacy application

     - Manual conversion is time consuming and costly process

     - The migration needs to happen incrementally without affecting the existing functionality